Everyday, I ride the NYC subway, with a 14 month old, and a stroller, and a bag of stuff like New Yorkers carry with them. And everyday, I wait less than a minute before someone helps me carry the stroller down the stairs. Everyday, someone wants to tell me their story while we bump along in the dark. Everyday, acute anonymity and random humanity collide in the subway. And these are my stories about those moments.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Miss you in the ATL but i love reading about your adventures in NYC!!! You rock…keep having fun!! …. you got me reading Mark twain again..xo



    Hi, KP — I think I’ve managed to read all of these that you’ve written and I love them.I enjoy feeling that I’m sharing some of your NYC experiences and getting to know Cub a bit. You’re a lovely writer.
    SMS in ATL


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